Not everything is FaceTime!

One thing that annoys me most about video chatting is that people seem to call it “FaceTime”, regardless of what they’re actually using. Take earlier today, for instance. My coworkers and I were editing a project on Google Drive together with all our laptops. Instead of talking face to face, we just used Google’s chat feature (you can tell we live in 2013). Later, we discussed the chat feature (verbally, thank god). Someone brought up, “We shouldn’t even be IMing. We should just FaceTime!” Now, I know this shouldn’t annoy me. It really shouldn’t. It’s just a simple mistake. But get real, people! When FaceTime first came around, you could only FaceTime on an iPhone 4, and only if the other person had an iPhone 4. I wanted to say “Facetime? Who in here brought their iPad so we can FaceTime?” But, of course, I didn’t. People need to learn something: If you are using GOOGLE, you are not using FACETIME. If you are using SKYPE, you are not using FACETIME. If you are using FACETIME… then you are using FACETIME. FaceTime is FaceTime, nothing else.