President Obama Can’t Use An iPhone?

When Barack Obama was first elected into office back in 2008, the iPhone 3G had only been around for a short time. Fast forward to 2013, Obama still uses a Blackberry?



“I’m not allowed, for security reasons, to have an iPhone,” Obama said during a meeting promoting his healthcare law with young people on Wednesday at the White House. He also said that his daughters, Sasha and Malia, spend quite a lot of time on their iPhones. Why is it exactly , that Obama can’t use an iPhone? As Obama said, security. Blackberry has had a good reputation for its security methods. While other phone companies (like Apple and Google) are catching up, nonetheless it is still Blackberry who takes the lead for D.C. officials, even though its market share is little everywhere else. So, what do you think? Should President Obama be allowed to use an iPhone?